GLSL Grapher

Graphing tool for WebGL developers.


Expressive mobile messaging platform with digital handwriting and 3D animation.

Digital handwriting SaaS. I've worked here as a software engineer since July 2013.

Proton CT Collaboration

Developing the worlds first proton CT scanner. My involvement as a physics researcher on the pCT project began in 2008 and continues today.

Letterpress Post

A prototype for a greeting card printing and mailing service, using digital handwriting from


A simple command line utility for generating time-sensitive, sharable urls for private s3 files.


A simple tool that creates a dynamic image of a price in bitcoin, based on a reference price in another currency (USD, for example).

Vanity Address Mining Pool

A market place to buy and sell Bitcoin vanity addresses. Vanity addresses are like vanity license plates, and this website provides a way for people to pay others to generate addresses for them (a computationally expensive process).

FPGA Mining

The first custom Bitcoin mining hardware company. Founded by myself and a few friends as a fun weekend project, it turned out to be a successful business.