Gracious Eloise

Software Engineer
2013 - Present

Gracious Eloise introduced me to the private sector, the startup life, and, most importantly, my career as a software engineer. I started as the most junior backend engineer on a small team and quickly grew into a full stack engineer making significant contributions to the business.

A few contributions that I'm particularly proud of:

  • Helped design and implement external APIs in Go, Python, and Ruby for our handwriting services. Most recently available at handwriting.io.
  • Developed a proof-of-concept Python-based machine learning service for handwriting style analysis. This included a web app with a number of "training games," data visualizations for evaluating the system, and an interface for submitting a handwriting sample and returning the closest matches.
  • Ported legacy Java software to Go.
  • Helped build a Javascript client library and several web app widgets for use with the APIs.
  • Improved the Java rendering algorithms to make the rendered handwriting appear more realistic.
  • Helped port legacy handwriting processing code from Mathematica to Python.
  • Helped with systems operation work such as: moving development to Docker, continuous integration, auto-scaling, immutable infrastructure, metrics and more.
  • Contributed to and helped shape the company culture in a small team.

Loma Linda University

Senior Research Assistant
2008 - 2013

Medical physics researcher, with a primary focus on designing and building detector hardware and data acquisition systems for proton computed tomography. Also involved in other aspects including: data processing and statistical analysis, developing procedures for system calibration and evaluation, conducting experiments with the proton accelerator, developing Monte Carlo simulations, and optimizing computational and mathematical aspects of the image reconstruction algorithm software.

University of California, Santa Cruz

Assistant Specialist
2007 - 2008

Performed experiments to characterize solid state charged particle detectors for the Large Hadron Collider, and developed a simulation to quantify radiation damage to the detectors.


B.S Physics University of California, Santa Cruz 2003 - 2007