Academic articles I've authored or co-authored.

Novel scintillation detector design and performance for proton radiography and computed tomography

V. A. Bashkirov, R. W. Schulte, R. F. Hurley, R. P. Johnson, H. F.-W. Sadrozinski, A. Zatserklyaniy, T. Plautz and V. Giacometti

Medical Physics, Vol 43, 664 (2016)

200 MeV Proton Radiography Studies With a Hand Phantom Using a Prototype Proton CT Scanner

T. Plautz, V. Bashkirov, V. Feng, F. Hurley, R.P. Johnson, C. Leary, S. Macafee, A. Plumb, V. Rykalin, H.F.-W. Sadrozinski, K. Schubert, R. Schulte, B. Schultze, D. Steinberg, M. Witt, A. Zatserklyaniy

IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, Volume 33, Issue 4 (2014)

A novel approach to study radiation track structure with nanometer-equivalent resolution

M. Casiraghi, V.A. Bashkirov, F. Hurley, R.W. Schulte

European Physical Journal D, Vol 68 (2014)

First Experience With an Experimental Proton CT Scanner

R.W. Schulte, R.F. Hurley, A.J. Wroe, V.A. Bashkirov

International Journal of Radiation Oncology · Biology · Physics, Vol 87 (2), S44 (2013)

Development of a head scanner for proton CT

H.F.-W. Sadrozinski, R.P. Johnson, S. Macafee, A. Plumb, D. Steinberg, A. Zatserklyaniy, V.A. Bashkirov, R.F. Hurley, R. W. Schulte

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, Vol 669, 205-210 (2013)

Water-equivalent path length calibration of a prototype proton CT scanner

R.F. Hurley, R.W. Schulte, V.A. Bashkirov, A.J. Wroe, A. Ghebremedhin, H.F.-W. Sadrozinski, V. Rykalin, G. Coutrakon, P. Koss, and B. Patyal

Medical Physics, Vol 39, 2438 (2012)

Space carving and filtered back-projection as preconditioners for proton computed tomography reconstruction

B. Schultze, M. Witt, K.E. Schubert, R.F. Hurley, V. Bashkirov, R.W. Schulte, E. Gomez

Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record 2012, IEEE, 4335-4340 (2012)

Beam test results of a CsI calorimeter matrix element

J. Missaghian, F. Hurley, V. Bashkirov, B. Colby, V. Rykalin, S. Kachigiun, D. Fusi, R. Schulte, F. Martinez-McKinney, H. Sadrozinsky, S. Penfold

Journal of Instrumentation, Vol 5, (2010)

Analysis of deep level parameters in irradiated silicon detectors

C. Betancourt, G. Alers, N. Dawson, M. Gerling, R.F. Hurley, H.F.-W. Sadrozinski, S. Sattari

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, Vol 612, Issue 3, 534-538 (2010)

A novel detector for 2D ion detection in low-pressure gas and its applications

V.A. Bashkirov, R.F. Hurley, R.W. Schulte

Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record 2009, 694-698 (2009)

Improving pixel detectors: Active area optimization and high temperature annealing

V. Fadeyev, M. Gerling, J. Wright, P. Maddock, C. Betancourt, F. Hurley, H.F.-W. Sadrozinski

Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record 2009, 1674-1677 (2009)

Determination of the charge collection efficiency in neutron irradiated silicon detectors

M.K. Petterson, R.F. Hurley, K. Arya, C. Betancourt, M. Bruzzi, B. Colby, M. Gerling, C. Meyer, J. Pixley, T. Rice, H.F.-W. Sadrozinski, J. Bernardini, L. Borrello, F. Fiori, and A. Messineo

IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, Volume 56, Issue 6, Page 3828 (2009)

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