My name is Ford Hurley and I build software in New York.

My PGP public key fingerprint is A979 6ECD 1DC6 6110 71C9 0B97 5BE6 0F89 B675 EBD6.

You can reach me at

The following accounts belong to me, in varying levels of disuse:


  • Rumm Online multiplayer board game in the spirit of Rummikub.
  • Shader Sketches GLSL fragment shader sketches, made with my shaded tool.
  • identicon Experiments in generating identicons.
  • thorf Interpreter for a massively simplified version of Forth.
  • brainfart Interpreter for the brainfuck programming language.
  • Beyond Identity Passwordless and phishing-resistant authenticationn.
  • ScribbleChat Expressive mobile messaging platform with digital handwriting and 3D animation.
  • Digital handwriting as a service.
  • FPGA Mining Co. The first custom Bitcoin mining hardware company.
  • Proton CT Collaboration Developing the world's first proton computed tomography (pCT) scanner.

Open Source Contributions