My name is Ford Hurley and I build software in New York.

I'm available for hire! Take a look at my resume and send me an email if you'd like to get in touch.

The following accounts belong to me, in varying levels of disuse:

You can reach me at

My PGP public key fingerprint is A979 6ECD 1DC6 6110 71C9 0B97 5BE6 0F89 B675 EBD6.


  • Rumm Online multiplayer board game in the spirit of Rummikub.
  • Shader Sketches GLSL fragment shader sketches, made with my shaded tool.
  • identicon Experiments in generating identicons.
  • thorf Interpreter for a massively simplified version of Forth.
  • brainfart Interpreter for the brainfuck programming language.

Open Source Contributions