My name is Ford Hurley.


  • Rumm Online multiplayer board game in the spirit of Rummikub.
  • Shader Sketches GLSL fragment shader sketches, made with my shaded tool.
  • identicon Experiments in generating identicons.
  • thorf Interpreter for a massively simplified version of Forth.
  • brainfart Interpreter for the brainfuck programming language.
  • Beyond Identity Passwordless and phishing-resistant authentication.
  • ScribbleChat Expressive mobile messaging platform with digital handwriting and 3D animation.
  • Digital handwriting as a service.
  • FPGA Mining Co. The first custom Bitcoin mining hardware company.
  • Proton CT Collaboration Developing the world's first proton computed tomography (pCT) scanner.

Open Source Contributions


You can reach me at