Shader Sketches

Shaders I've made with the help of Atom GLSL Preview.

Atom GLSL Preview

Live preview GLSL shaders in the Atom editor.

GLSL Grapher

Graphing tool for WebGL developers.


Expressive mobile messaging platform with digital handwriting and 3D animation.

Digital handwriting as a service.

Proton CT Collaboration

Developing the world's first proton computed tomography (CT) scanner. My involvement as a physics researcher on the pCT project began in 2008.

FPGA Mining Co.

The first custom Bitcoin mining hardware company. Founded by myself and a few friends as a fun weekend project, it turned out to be a successful business.

Letterpress Post

Prototype for a greeting card printing and mailing service, using digital handwriting from


A simple tool that creates a dynamic image of a price in bitcoin, based on a reference price in another currency (USD, for example).

Vanity Address Mining Pool

A market place to buy and sell Bitcoin vanity addresses. Vanity addresses are like vanity license plates, and this website provides a way for people to pay others to generate addresses for them (a computationally expensive process).

See also: contributions I've made to other open source projects.