Open Source Contributions

Highlight ints

hughsk/language-glsl November 2018

Add backend_backoff_max_delay flag to grpcwebproxy

improbable-eng/grpc-web November 2018

Strip localization code from docs `[path]` template variable

mrdoob/three.js September 2018

[three] BufferGeometry.setFromPoints accepts Vector2s as well

DefinitelyTyped/DefinitelyTyped May 2018

Ensure that new editors get unique ids

atom/atom December 2017

Add ivec4 and uvec4

hughsk/language-glsl October 2017

Allow right clicking when TrackballControls are disabled

mrdoob/three.js June 2017

Document the AnimationUtils methods correctly

mrdoob/three.js January 2017

Add clearDepth attribute to RenderPass

mrdoob/three.js November 2016

tools/cmd/vet: check only first rune of example suffix

golang/go September 2015

pip, tail: add pages

tldr-pages/tldr February 2014

rename: add page

tldr-pages/tldr February 2014

gpg: add page

tldr-pages/tldr May 2014

Mention that custom converters can be defined for url routes

pallets/flask May 2015

Fix markdown formatting for `--service-ports` example

docker/compose May 2015

Print out the fucking command before running it

nvbn/thefuck April 2015

Fix failing rspec

minad/unit January 2015

Better handling of Rational values in #to_s

minad/unit January 2015

Pull in latest from eligrey

mWater/FileSaver.js December 2014

Fix typo in chaining example in README

orionz/minion November 2014

Change suggested backend if Plot.plot() fails

alexras/boomslang September 2013

Include method name in percentile distribution reports

locustio/locust July 2014

Update README to show how to change matplotlib backend

alexras/boomslang September 2013

Add example output screenshot

borntyping/python-colorlog January 2014

Use abspath when building cakedir from static_dir

rsenk330/Flask-Cake April 2014

Clean up formatting in

ruby-amqp/ March 2014

Add option to show PyPI downloads from last_week and last_day

badges/shields April 2014

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